Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wanting a Filofax....... PLEASE

Hello all, so i have been on a search for a planner, I've been all over the internet looking for the perfect planner, I have found THE FILOFAX. And i love the filofax just by meeting it for the first time on blogs and on the filofax website. I am literally drooling over getting one lol. The only problem i am having is getting one in my price range and the color i would like to have.I am aiming for the size A5 1) because it fits my big writing. 2) I usually carry big Purses so it will fit in my bag and i can carry it with me. The filofaxes that i have had my eye on are the  Malden, Finchley, Holborn, Finsbury , Sketch, Metropol, And the Cuban ink And at last but not the fav a Domino. I would love to have any one of these in these colors Blue, Aqua, Teal, Chocolate, Brown, or Grey. Now i am reaching out to the blogworld to see if any one at anytime has a filofax they woud like to sale or trade for something. I really appreciate the help. 

Love Abby

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Thanks and Have a WONDERFUL DAY!