Monday, April 29, 2013

Another Binder Idea

OK so i was sitting here thinking about my daily life and how i don't have a planner well i came up with an idea i think will work for me so i grabbed a 1/2'' Avery binder i had sitting around and figured hey i could put everything i am working on for that month in this binder. So my cleaning schedule, organizing projects and planner, Craft projects, home improvement, things to do, My daily lists, people to call, appointments to make,Well the point is whatever i am working on say for the month of may i am going to put in to this binder. And also i am going to put a progress chart in here to for my daily walks ( Exercise ), I am working on my priorities so that progress chart will go in here to. Well when i get it done i will post about it and possible share some printable s if i can't find them on the internet i will make them myself nothing pretty i'm not that much of a crafted person or creative so yea.
Thanks Love Abby

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