Sunday, April 28, 2013

One of my Home Management Binders

Hello today i am sharing some home management binders, As i finish with them i will post about them.
So here it is.
These are the supplies i used:
Avery Ready Tab Index dividers 15 tab
A Three Inch Three Ring Binder
A Printer  and Regular Copy Paper
Double sided Tape

And to help me in printing my papers and printable s i used Open Office. Org it is a free software just like Microsoft Word. As I go through my Binder i will give you all the websites i used where their are free printable s  I Spent almost 2 Months trying to find the right printable s that would work for me and my family the thing is i will always be updating and re making my Home Management Binders until I find the right System or set up.
So for my first binder i Put my Cleaning Schedules and Organizing Planning sheets in the very front of my binder under the ready index sheet  and before the first tab. OK and for my first 9 Categories and tabs i  used the open office software and made up a category and tab sheet and used double sided tape on the four corners of the paper and taped it to my first tab. 
( See The Photos Below ).

Here is the Main Category: CLEANING AND ORGANIZING
And here is my Sub Categories And the pages i put in them:
  • 1st Tab Home Office: A page on setting up a well equipped office, A quick start room by room recipes telling me how to set it up basically and what goes where i use it with the last page too.A Complete cleaning check lists, A Paper retention guidelines what papers to keep and for how long page, I have Time Management tips in here too ETC.
  • 2nd Tab Kitchen And Pantry
  • 3rd Tab Kids and Toys
  • 4th Tab Living Room
  • 5th Tab Laundry Room
  • 6th Tab Closets
  • 7th Bed Rooms 
  • 8th Tab Through Out The House Oh and here in this category I have any thing that does not relate to the ones above like organizing basic and how to for the whole house instead of just one room And cleaning papers that do not fit into the ones Above.
  • 9th Tab Bath Room
  • And for the rest you get the idea 
Well as you may already know i would and do put anything pertaining to cleaning and organizing under the right Sub Category. For instance under Home Office I would put any tips and ideas, how to's, schedules, A list of things to be cleaned in here as long as it is for the Home office i put it in their. I just wanted it to be simple but organized.

Now for my next Main Category: Home Miscellaneous
I have not really found a name for this Main Category that fits the Sub Categories but i am working on it so for now that is it.

And Here is the Sub Categories:

  • 10th Tab Contacts and Accounts
  • 11th Tab Family Info and Medical info: dosage charts for medicine family sizes,  And Their info like names, addresses, health information, primary care physician etc.Medical Supplies check list.
  • 12th Tab Holidays And Birthdays: Here i have a list of birthdays for about every one i know well who's birthday are usually celebrated-ed well you know, Gift Ideas Sheet for b-days and holidays, Child's birthday party checklist things to do before, during and after, A b-day party planner, Holiday Photo checklist, holiday planning, things to do and buy lists, An Inventory of decorations and things for holidays. 
  • 13th Tab Emergency Preparedness: Pet Safety, Child Safety, first aid check lists, emergency supply kit lists, a family emergency plan sheet And one to fill out and give to each family member to keep with them at all times.
  • 14th Tab  Home Inventory and Auto: Inventory for electronics, furniture, expensive items etc, Book and DVD inventory
  • 15th Tab Not Yet!

Also as a reminder i will be adding pages as i go and making it work for me, I will update as i add and purge my binder so you all will have ideas of what papers to put in what category.
I am really hoping that this is a helpful post and you get ideas and inspiration from. Remember i just started my blog and have never had one before so work with me here. Please Leave comments and follow my blog if you would like to see more posts i really appreciate the gratitude.
Thanks so much for stopping by if you have any questions or are wanting anything just let me know in the comments or by sending me an E-mail and i will respond as soon as possible.
Also stay in touch i will be posting more of my binders and how i organize them as i get them done. let me know in the comments if you would like to see more binder organizing post


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